A BlueBelle Wedding

This weekend we were thrilled to be part of Hannah and Steve’s wedding at Abbey Farm near Cirencester.  We love weddings but when it’s such a lovely couple getting married it’s even more special.


For Hannah preparations started many months ago. For the rest of the BlueBelles there was also much debate about which dress to wear!  For once we weren’t in our usual Black dress and choirdigans as Jules had given us permission to wear anything we liked.    So summer wedding outfits it was and even Jules conceded that we all looked fabulous (he actually said kinda ok!).

The day started with a tractor ride out to a remote part of the farm where there was a suitable ‘roof’ available for Hannah and Steve’s wedding ceremony.  We knew you had to get married in daylight but it was interesting to learn that weddings have to take place under a roof!    After vows were exchanged and kissing occurred,  we relocated to a stone circle where there was much angst as no one had a corkscrew in order to share the wine!  Jules was accused of being ‘the sort of chap who looks like he carries a pen knife’.  Sadly however, Jules was never a boy scout and was ill prepared for opening wine!  Anyway, the wine was opened and songs were sung!

We would like to wish Hannah and Steve every happiness as they embark on their new life together!

Below are some of Jules’ snaps from the day:



Below is a short video clip of us singing Caravan of Love which was specifically chosen by Hannah.  Apologies for the shaky video, Jules was trying to multi task!

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